Dear Mom: 10 Things We Want You to Know

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Hey mom,

Today is your day and here are a few things we thought you should know...

1. You look amazing

Whether you are currently on top of the newest fitness trend, drowning yourself with some kind of kale-spinach-dirt juice, or you are perhaps going through a period of life when your main food groups are sugar, carbs and wine, have you stopped to look in the mirror lately?

After birthing children and living through years of their constant bickering and whining, you still manage to wear your killer looks and ageless charm like you never descended from your peak. Because you didn't. Keep marching up that mountain in your knee-high boots mama because daaayuuum you still got it!

2. Stop trying to be perfect

Not only do you have to manage your own work/life schedule, you are also in charge of rides to dance class, snacks for soccer practice, book fair orders, grocery shopping, and laundry. And that is just for one kid! Let's not even get started on you trying to keep your partner's schedule straight as well. Like Santa Claus, you can magically be in a million places at one time while getting a million things accomplished. And you somehow do it without looking like a total crazy person.

Just know that we see this. Let us help you and to make the day-to-day a little less stressful for you. The cookies for the bake sale CAN be store bought and heck, if you forget to pick up one kid from practice every once and a while, they will survive. So will you. Just order them an Uber and cut yourself some slack.

3. Let your hair down

As our mother, you are someone we go to on the regular for advice and support. We can come to you at our most vulnerable state and you gracefully comfort us with your strong on collected presence. But we can't expect you to never have a rough day. It is important that you have your bath time, your girls nights, and even a vacation without your family every once and a while.

In order for you to maintain your sanity that we so heavily rely on in our times of need, please make sure that you keep a regular schedule of taking care of yourself and embracing your wild side as needed.

4. Don't compare yourself to other moms

Mom, you are always telling us not to compare ourselves to others and that you "love us just the way we are" and all that stuff, so please don't go and not listen to your own advice! Some other moms might seem like they have it all together. That their hair is always on point, their car always looks clean and you bet that their kids never have to be told twice to do anything.

Before you start getting down on the fact their their Instagram photos have way more hearts than yours, just know that we love your messy hair and your dirty car.  Deep down we even love the fact that you have to whip us into shape every once and a while. Don't worry if you aren't the "cool mom." You are our mom and that is good enough for us.

5. Take credit for what you've done as a mother

Although you'll never get close to the public recognition that you deserve, never forget that each accomplishment that your children make, was in some way thanks to you. In fact, just the fact that we exist is thanks to you! (and dad I guess...gross) Just don't forget to stop every once and a while and just look at all of the beautiful things that you have created. Your home, your yard, your career, your children, your memories... The winner of this life is you, mom. Take your crown!

6. Use your Mom-Card at your leisure

There will be times when us as your children will question your reasoning or instructions to the point that nothing else can be done but to pull your Mom-Card. That's right. The card you were given on the day you first became a mother. It never expires and it's strength is ten times greater than any Man-Card. Feel free to use this God-given right to help us understand that doing something simply because you asked us to is all we need to know.

Your Mom-Card is your weapon and your shield to help make sure your house is kept, your children are behaving, and that every argument ends exactly the way you want it to. You have had to endure the pain of childbirth and child raising. Your Mom-Card is your well-deserved prize.

7. Hug and kiss us no matter how old we get

At some point it will become unnatural for us to hug, squeeze and kiss you like we did when we were little. We won't climb into bed with you in the morning. We won't snuggle you while we watch a movie. We won't run to you to be held after we fall down and scratch our knee. But that doesn't mean we don't need physical affection even in our grown years.

Our hearts will be broken and our dreams will be crushed and we will need the arms of our mommy to hold that pain in and keep it from getting any bigger. Give us long hugs when we get ready to part ways and kisses on the head to show us how much you will miss us. It is those little things that will remind us that you have been holding us our whole lives and will be there still whenever life gets sad or scary.

8. We're sorry

There are a lot of things I feel bad for doing in my life. Amongst the top of my list are things that I said and did to my mother while I was growing up. Puberty came in like a hurricane and my angsty teenage hormones were more cruel to you than they were to my own body. But let's be real.

I can put the blame on a number of different things but you deserve an apology from me and me only. I can't say that I regret the fights and the snippy comments because in the end, they did bring us closer together and your ability to handle my immaturity for so many years has been something I have come to admire and be thankful for. Still, I am sorry - we are all sorry for every time we lied, hurt your feelings, or disappointed you.

9. Thank you

These two words can't begin to hold the mile-long list of things we have you to thank for. To start, thank you for giving us life, for feeding us healthy food, for buying us cool toys. Thank you for our dashingly good looks, for cheering us on when we won - and when we lost. Thank you for being there in life's hard moments and for wiping away our tears. Thank you for being a role model and a safe haven that no matter how bad we mess up, never goes away or forgets about us.

10. We love you

We might not always be the best at showing it, but mom, we love you to pieces. You are a superhuman force of nature that we are so damn lucky to have in our lives.

Whether you gave birth to us, adopted us, fostered us, took us under your wing, or just plain filled the shoes of a motherly figure in our life - You are our mother and we love you for that forever and always.

Happy Mother's Day. 

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