A Gotham-Sized Wish

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For one day only, the city of San Francisco was transformed into Gotham City for one very special little Batman. Miles, a 5-year-old boy who has been fighting leukemia for over half of his life, received a wish of a lifetime from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He got to be a super hero for an entire city.

Watch out Ben Affleck - Photo courtesy of ABC News

With the help of 12,000 volunteers, local media and countless onlookers, Miles woke up, put on his suit (complete with fake muscles) and set out to protect his city. Despite his shy demeanor and short stature, Miles, aka "Batkid" took down such villains as The Riddler, Penguin and even saved a damsel in distress who was tied to the cable car tracks. Batkid was even graciously thanked for his rescues by being given the key to the city from the Mayor himself.

While the Make-a-Wish Foundation gives wishes like this to children with life threatening illnesses every day, none have included the involvement of so many people. This wish was designed for Miles but I don't think anyone could argue that the events of today brought magic into the lives of thousands.

*The attention because of today's adventure has overloaded the Make-a-Wish Foundation website but it is still possible to donate. If you want to see more dreams like Miles' come true please donate to this amazing organization that has been bringing magic to children for years.

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