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When I first stepped onto the continent of Africa there were many things that surprised me.

I had been waiting my whole life to meet this place, these people. I was completely prepared to experience the desperate poverty, and the need for education and clean water. Like many do, I had a very warped picture of Africa in my head. It was a place where need ruled and happiness was lost.

I was wrong. 

One of my favorite words to describe Tanzania to others was colorful. Even with the dirt and dust that blanketed the land, colorful flowers, fruits, and clothing always shined through. But it was the personalities of the people that where brighter than any color I could ever imagine. There is nothing quite like meeting those who have nothing but the clothes on their back, yet believe they are the most blessed person on the planet. The children with the dirtiest hands always had the biggest smiles and the women who carried a baby on their back and a 40 pound jug of water on their head always had the brightest laugh.

Friends in Tanzania - Photos by Rhys Logan

As an attempt to bring some of Africa's color home with me, I purchased several different pieces of African fabric. I had hoped to do something creative and crafty with the fabric but alas, my talent in the craft category is minimal. To this day I have not come across more beautiful patterns than the ones I saw in Africa. I knew that others too would fall in love with the bright colors if only they could be made into something we use everyday, like a bag.

Thanks to Della, my hope is a reality. Della is a socially responsible fashion line working directly with a community in Ghana, West Africa. Each piece is handcrafted by men and women whom Della employs and also support with weekly literacy classes and money-managment training. As if that wasn't enough, Della's women have their own competitive volleyball league!

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In Africa, seamstress skills are extremely useful. People living in the bush can't just swing by Target for a new top. They either have to make it themselves or buy it from a seamstress. Being a seamstress is good business and it is skill that can empower a young woman, especially if she was stripped of her right to a traditional education.

Bags and electronic cases are something we in America use frequently. Della has given us the ability to make those items unique and purposeful. Buying Della products supports empowerment and sustainability in the lives of over 250 individuals in Ghana and counting.

Beautiful Macbook cases available at

So if you ever wonder to yourself, "What can I do about global poverty?" just remember that with companies like Della, it is as easy as being a conscious consumer.

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