Barefoot Address

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Ten months ago I picked up a pen and scratched one huge item off my bucket list. I moved to paradise. Well, technically it is called San Diego but those who call it home need no other name.

I wanted to feature my city as my first "My Favorite Things" post because living here makes every day feel like the best day ever. This isn't meant to be a brag blog or me trying to convince you that San Diego is the greatest place to live in the whole wide world (even though it is), I just wanted to give you a taste of life here and why this dot on the map is one of my all-time favorite things. 

Yep. This happens every day.

When you think of San Diego, you probably think of the beach. While the sand and sea are magnificent, it is the culture that hugs it's shores that I have fallen in love with. I love living in a place where sand lives permanently between my toes and in my hair...and in my car. Where people smile at you just because. Where beach towns reflect the love of simplicity with record stores, antique shops and ice cream parlors. There is always a place for you whether you want to have peaceful walk by the water or you want to boogie all night to live music. Where local legends come in the form of slow-motion rollerbladers and hula-hoop teachers. A place where you can dive under the water and experience a whole new world of life. And when the day is done and everyone stops what they are doing to just watch that big, beautiful orange ball sink into the ocean. You don't ever get used to it. It never gets old. 

This is my home.

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